Interior Design

Collaboration and interpretation are at the core of our offering. Our attention to detail, craftsmanship and artistic interpretation excel in creating a bespoke, timeless and elegant aesthetic across a multitude of projects. Working hand in hand with our clients, we develop an understanding for their lifestyle, personal taste and vision allowing us to create a bespoke scheme, with exquisite detailing to ensure that a truly luxurious and captivating space is created to surpass expectation.

Interior Design

Whether the project is a private office, restaurant, bar, hotel or luxury boutique property, spatial awareness and the need to optimise the brief in the most opportunistic way is part of the valuable exercise that we incorporate into our commercial portfolio. Our aesthetics will complement and enhance the brand with a strong and vibrate language ensuring that a lasting impression is engendered.

Interior Design

Having worked on numerous super-yachts we pride ourselves on our understanding of such a complex project.  It is not merely the aesthetics that come into play in such a venture but symmetry, weight and bolt-downs plus the wear and tear of ocean life. Our expert eye for super-luxury and collaboration with owners allows for an exquisite home to be created whilst working hand-in-hand with the shipyards to ensure that all elements of the interior design are communicated and executed as desired.

Interior Design

Jets are an ever evolving area of design with some obvious restrictions. Working hand-in-hand with both the aircraft-builder and our clients we endeavour to stay ahead and challenge boundaries.  We have been commissioned to execute several jets and are revolutionising what can be achieved in private aviation whilst adhering to all safety standards.


Our holistic approach ensures that the aesthetics of the building are not compromised but that our client’s vision is sympathetically fulfilled in the environment that is being created to provide a sophisticated and timeless solution.  We improve the layout therefore increasing the functionality and language of a space ensuring that the project utilises all areas to their fullest potential.


Following a brief the initial creative concepts are presented.  This is the opportunity to challenge ideas, be inspirational and explore every possibility. Drawings are produced showing options for general space arrangement and furniture layouts along with mood boards to represent the colours, materials and overall style to be incorporated.  Once these have been agreed more developed drawings are provided detailing joinery, sanitary and electrical fittings, furniture, accessories, art, and special features for client approval.


We manage and synchronise our teams and oversee our chosen suppliers involved in the execution of our projects, therefore ensuring beneficial procurement, tight budget control with timely and impeccable delivery.


Martin Kemp Design excels in producing unique and elegant pieces throughout our schemes. Our passion for meticulous detail enables us to create ingenious and thoughtful solutions with bespoke pieces that suit the aesthetic environment being created.


The importance of lighting can never be overlooked in enhancing interiors to creating magical spaces and illusions. MKD views this as an integral part of our interior schematic and accordingly we create bespoke chandeliers and installations as focal pieces together with accent and general lighting to ensure that every room benefits from the final scenario – perfectly balanced and harmonious lighting.

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